Facts & Figures

Since 70 years, Onduline is a recognised key player in the building industry.



Wordwide leader of the lightweight building systems, Onduline is a recognised international player offering complete solutions for the building covering, sealing, insulation and protection.

International expertise

  • 70 years of industry experience with lightweight roofing
  • 150 million square meters of roofing material sold each year
  • Onduline is present on 5 continents with 10 plants and 45 subsidiaries
  • Onduline distributes its products in more than 120 countries, around 20,000 customers with the most professional and large DIY stores chain
  • The group generates 90% of sales abroad (including Latin America, Africa, Russia, Asia ...)

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Modern group to the family spirit

  • About 1600 employees in 45 subsidiaries, covering more than one hundred countries
  • From 43 nations
  • The group is young and attractive, with an average age of 38 and 7 years of seniority.

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Unique know-how, controlled and environmentally

  • OFITECH, department dedicated to R&D and continuous development of our technology and patented
  • 10 plants in 8 countries, all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001certified 
  • Continuously, internal audits check the quality of production
  • Our plants are equipped for the treatment of water in a closed circuit and recycle 200,000 tons of paper each year
  • We hired a voluntary environmental approach (calculation of the carbon footprint in all plants, compensation programs and recycling ...)

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A dynamic company, which invests to develop and sustain its activities

  • Strengthened international presence: 10 new subsidiaries created since 2006 (mainly in Latin America and Asia ), acquisition of Tallant Inc., a leading company in light roof United States and Canada, in October 2010
  • Wide range of solutions for light roofing: in addition to ONDULINE CLASSIC system, the reference in this field, worth to be mentionned such solutions as ONDUVILLA (elegant tiles and light), ONDUCLAIR (transparent and opaque roof plates in Polycarbonate or Polyester), BITULINE (waterproofing membrane), under-roofing systems (BAJO TEJA, FLEXOTUILE, ISOLINE) and ONDUTISS (under-roofing membranes and foills) which enjoy significant merchandising programs to support active sales
  • Development of industrial tool: creation of a new plant in Russia and doubling production capacity in Malaysia