Within its own organization and in its relationships with suppliers, Onduline is committed to upholding three core values:


Paying the same attention to everybody is the essence of Onduline. 

Our products are simple, accessible and easy to install, so all of our customers and end-users can enjoy the same experience and have complete peace of mind.





Our products are designed to deliver lasting satisfaction of our customers.

Every day, we strive to satisfy our customers by offering solutions that match their needs and by being the reliable partner they expect.

Our relationships are characterized by trust and mutual respect.





We are committed to answering our customers' requests. Our motto is to care for a more responsible future.

As an independent French industrial company, we continually invest in R&D to promote environmentally-friendly solutions.

We equip our factories with treatment systems for waste gases, and none of our plants release any liquid into the environment.

Every year, we recycle 200,000 tons of cellulose fibers, and our carbon footprint is the lowest in its category.