International Presence

An exclusive technology, a recognised know-how… To answer the end user needs, our plants are located all over the world and follow the highest quality standard.

Present in over 120 countries, Onduline has production sites in 8 countries in order to satisfy its customers needs.
These sites are located closer to the main markets of the Group as to reduce transportation costs.



  • Brazil: Juiz de Fora
  • Spain: Gallarta
  • Spain: Orduna
  • France: Comines
  • Malaysia: Penang
  • Poland: Mielec
  • Russia: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Turkey: Sapança
  • US: Fredericksburg​


We're permanently optimizing our business to enhance the quality of our production. We implement best practices throughout all of our plants and processes. We organize rigorous testing on all of our systems and materials, improving our formulations and guaranteeing consistently high-quality production. As a result, our factories comply with the strictest production and environmental regulations in the industry (ISO 9001 and 14000).








Nizhny Novgorod - Russia

Penang - Malaysia

Gallarta - Spain