Our HR policy



A local brand

Onduline is an international company with a human face. We are proud of this dynamic, which allows us to offer a personal touch all over the world.
Over the years, Onduline has grown its entrepreneurial spirit, recruiting a diverse range of talented people in different regions.
This diversity is our strength, as it enables us to develop the business and people's careers while also respecting local contexts and culture.


Building long-term team relationship

Onduline has a dynamic team with a low staff turnover. All over the world, our employees are reputed for their expertise and the service they deliver.

Our teams play an active part in developing and improving our own technologies, products and services. This helps bring them together while moving the company forward.


Company spirit

Reliability, commitment, Caring and Openness are at the centre of our human resources philosophy.
We create simple ways to promote employee well-being in respect of local regulations. And we are committed to motivating everyone through our employee policy, which is based on constant evaluation, and continually creating new opportunities for everyone to improve and rise through the ranks.




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