Lightweight Building


Onduline is likely the lightest roofing material in the world !

  • Lighter than Metal sheets, even the thinnest ones,
  • 3 times lighter than shingles,
  • 4 times lighter than fiber cement panels,
  • 15 times lighter than clay tiles.


With only 3kg/m2, Onduline® saves money and efforts from transport to installation.


Easier manipulations, shorter installation times & lower installation costs

Lightness improves day to day working conditions for both installers and dealers. A roofer can handle and install Onduline alone, compared to other roofing panels for which roofers need to work together. It is means faster installations, less tools to carry it up to the roof, less fatigue and especially less backaches for installers.


*Less expensive constructions thanks to lightweight steel structures

The entire building may benefit from a light roofing material. Onduline is lighter enough to save materials in the full house construction, from foundations to the roof structure, as it is less weight to support for the carpentry or the metallic structure.


*More efficient transport, a good move for the planet

Any retailer knows how cost efficient it is to transport such a lightweight roofing material. Also the shape of Onduline allows to optimize the amount of square meters in a given space. As a result it is a major transport cost saving, especially when calculating the consumption of fuel per roofing square meter. But it is also less emitted CO2 gazes per square meter!


Ideal lightness for building renovation

Lightness is a strong point when it is about renovating buildings. Considerably lighter than other roofing materials, laying a Onduline roof allows not to increase the weight on your roof, which means reducing overweight and protecting you to the risk of roof collapse.