ONDUCLAIR PROTECT is a specific polyester resin roofing and cladding solution that is resistant to chemicals, significant temperature differences and corrosive atmospheres.

ONDUCLAIR PROTECT is a composite opaque system reinforced with fiber glass. This uniquely-engineered solution has been tried, tested and field-proven in tough conditions, including exposure to chemical corrosion (both liquid and gas-phase), and exposure to naturally agressive environments like the sea and shoreline regions. ONDUCLAIR PROTECT  is a flexible solution that seamlessly integrates with the aesthetics of any building to delivers a robust covering or cladding solution







Fire resistant

Chemical resistant

UV resistant








  • 2 solutions to match different needs: fire and chemical resistant (C&FR) and chemical resistant (CR)
  • Long term protection: no corrosion, breakable  
  • Adaptable: fits any architectural project


  • Save time by using long sheets of up to 12 m
  • Easy to install (lightweight, large dimensions, secure, etc...)












Installation instructions



1. The installation should be carried out with the ribs (or corrugations) running down the slope of the roof (longitudinal and transversal overlaps).

Horizontal laying: Opposite direction to the prevailing wind. Each sheet should cover the previous sheet along the adjacent longitudinal edge.

Vertical laying: From the bottom up. The downslope lap (cut back) of the top sheet should cover the sheet below it.





2. The fixings must include following accessories (waterproofing and loads distribution):

Sealing washers

 Saddle supports or curved washers adapted to the profile and to the site corrosivity

Profile supports.




Because of the expansion coefficient of the material, fastener holes should be drilled to a diameter that is 4 mm larger than the fastener diameter. PVC washers should not be used.





Typical profiles: 













Technical characteristics


Length / Custom-cut  Thickness Finish Hail resistance Service temperature
up to 12 m 1.45 mm (C&FR version), 1.3 and 1.7 mm for CR version Through-dyed Gelcoat and double sided UV protection 75m/s (SIA V280) From -30°C up to 140°C under continous conditions


2 solutions : 

  • ONDUCLAIR PROTECT C&FR (Fire & chemical resistance): opaque sheets with outstanding resistance to chemicals and first class fire classification (fire rating Euroclass B-s3, d0)
  • ONDUCLAIR PROTECT CR (Chemical resistance): opaque or translucent sheets, with outstanding to chemicals (fire rating Euroclass E-non dripping)