Globally present, locally dynamic

The Onduline brand was launched in France back in the 40s with the introduction of the first innovative roofing solution:  bituminous-corrugated roofing and underroofing systems. Over the next 70 years we expanded rapidly across Europe and, throughout South America, East Asia and North America and became an international player

Today, Onduline is present in more than 120 countries worldwide and offers high-performance and lightweight roofing solutions to the customers. Our product range includes lightweight systems for roofing and underroofing, rooflights, waterproofing and wall-protection.

Our solutions protect individual houses, collective housing, leisure buildings, resorts, restaurants, shops as well as institutional, public access buildings, or industrial or agricultural buildings all over the world.


We do not see ourselves as a mere manufacturer. We see ourselves as a dedicated partner that contributes to his clients business development, a business maker that combines first-rate services with long-term vision and strategy, appropriate marketing approach and management team. 

Our proven industry expertise combined with our ability and willingness to listen to our customers has given us a better understanding of the diverse climatic constraints and customer wish, and allows us to respond perfectly to the roofing requirements of today and tomorrow.

Our core values include reliability, caring, openness and a firm commitment to quality and innovation, backed by solid investment. Our logistics service offers easily accessible stock with quick delivery times. Whatever your project, whatever your need, you can rely on our 70 years of industrial experience, strong R&D basis and know-how to deliver the right solution!






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