• 1950: Launch of Onduline sheet, new roofing material in France.

  • 1964: Opening of first 2 non-French sales subsidiaries in Germany and Italy.

  • 1973: Industrial investments in Italy and Belgium.

  • 1980: Opening of the Spanish subsidiary and later the Portuguese subsidiary.

  • 1981: Launch of the under-roofing sheet in Italy.

  • 1984: Invention of the world-first and patented process of pre-pigmentation before impregnation with bitumen.

  • 1989-1994: Successive openings of sales subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine.
    Acquisition of Onduclair, specialist of transparent plastic roofing materials.
    Launch in Turkey of the commercial and industrial subsidiary Onduline Avrasya.

  • 2000-2010: Industrial investments in Malaysia, Spain, Poland, Brazil.
    Opening of sales subsidiaries in Latin America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru) and in Asia (China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc...).
    Launch of the first cellulose-bitumen based tile ONDUVILLA. Onduline receives an award from JPMORGAN-HEC for being a family business that has successfully pursued the same growth strategy for 30 years.

  • 2010:  Acquisition of Tallant Industries in the USA, manufacturer and distributor of corrugated cellulose-bitumen-based roofing materials and transparent sheets made of vinyl and polycarbonate and creation of OFIC North America.

  • 2012: Launch of new subsidiaries in the Philippines and in Bolivia.

  • 2014: Opening of a second line in Penang.

  • 2017: Acquisition by Naxicap to build a larger group around roofing & waterproofing, based on Onduline international expertise, especially for pitched roofs. 

  • 2021: Creation of  Ondura, a group that specialises in waterproofing solutions for buildings and unites leading companies in their fields: Onduline (light roofing for pitched roofs), alwitra  (high-quality waterproofing systems for flat roofs) and  CB  (protective screens for facades and under-roofing for pitched roofs).

  • 2022: Ondura Group (Onduline, alwitra & CB) is acquired by Kingspan.

Ondura, an international group focusing on waterproofing solutions for buildings