Safety policy statement

This policy statement reflects the importance that, as Chief Executive, I attach to protecting the safety at work of all Onduline colleagues and of other persons who may be involved in the activities of Onduline.
My belief and experience is that all injuries and safety incidents are preventable and that striving over time towards a goal of zero accident is achievable.
It is therefore my policy that Onduline will:

  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Encourage active participation, consultation and cooperation of all colleagues, contractors and visitors in promoting and developing measures to improve safety;
  • Ensure all managers are directly accountable for the safety of their teams and provide adequate resources to meet this requirement;
  • Implement and maintain risk management procedures which are relevant and suitable for our risk exposure; prepare for emergencies; 
  • Continually seek to improve our safety performance by appropriate measurements and action plans, as we aim to do for our quality and customer satisfaction performance.

The Onduline Corporate Safety Management Committee, under my chairmanship, is appointed onwards to provide the competent advice needed by senior management and ensure we achieve the objectives contained within this Policy Statement. It will monitor continually our progress throughout the Group and will review regularly this Policy Statement and, if necessary, revise it in the light of legislative or organisational changes. 

The successful implementation ofthis policy requires total commitment from all colleagues within Onduline, throughout the world, in a relentless spirit of continuous improvement.

Onduline CEO