Onduline: an experienced supplier of polycarbonate sheeting

We propose different polycarbonate solutions, which all share the same advantage: their polycarbonate properties! As a high-end material, you can use our polycarbonate sheeting for a large variety of projects.

Having been a aupplier of polycarbonate sheeting for many years, Onduline has a unique experience of this material. The first thing to say is that the choice of material depends a lot on your project. In some projects, plastic roofing or polyester roofing might also be suitable.

Why is Polycarbonate such a recommended material?


Polycarbonate roofing: a lot of advantages

Polycarbonate sheeting has high-end properties:

  • It is transparent: it’s actually just as transparent as glass, but it's much more resistant. The transparency percentage can be adapted according to your needs: it can be reduced to 66%, 46%, for example in regions with a lot of sun all year long
  • It’s lightweight: easy to carry and transport
  • It is very resistant to folding
  • It is very resistant to UV rays, so it doesn’t turn yellow

And, depending on the solution :

  • It can be tinted and even opaque according to your wishes: perfect to make your project unique and very aesthetic or to protect the important contents of your building
  • It can be installed on any type of structure: flat roof, hipped roof, slope roof.


Efficient and durable polycarbonate roofing solutions

A supplier of polycarbonate sheeting must ensure its products are efficient and durable. That is why Onduline offers different polycarbonate solutions for your roofing needs. Depending on where your building project is, depending on the type of building, depending on the weather conditions, your choice of materials will be different. Onduline is able to find an accurate roofing solution for any project.

Onduline polycarbonate sheeting range is wide so you’ll find a product that suits your needs:

  • ONDUCLAIR and TUFTEX PC (polycarbonate) roofing and cladding sheets. It’s up to you and the requirements of your projects: our polycarbonate sheeting can be transparent, tinted, or opaque. That choice would most likely depend on how much natural lighting is needed in your structure.
  • ONDUCLAIR Polycarbonate Multiwall (PCMW):, Onduline offers a variant of polycarbonate roofing. In this polycarbonate sheeting solution, the air is trapped, the sheets are flat, thicker, more isolating, more resistant and very aesthetic.
  • ONDUCLAIR THERMOUsually, when you are looking for more light, protection and isolation, an opaque polycarbonate roofing solution is a good choice! This polycarbonate roofing solution can be installed on sandwich panels. It’s both isolating and transparent, allowing to isolate building while letting in lots of natural lighting.


You can opt for whichever Onduline polycarbonate sheeting product best suits your needs regarding transparency, isolation, resistance... Then you can adjust your choice with the different finishes available. That also matters: once you are sure you are selecting the right materials, selecting the right finish is also important to get the best-looking result possible.


Please contact your local team to find out more and find the perfect polycarbonate roofing product for your project!

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Transparent and opaque solutions in polyester and polycarbonate for roofing and cladding

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