Why to opt for bitumen roofing?


ONDULINE uses Bitumen as roofing material because of its excellent waterproofing performance and is an expert in bitume roofing solutions. Why bitumen?
The bitumen is naturally waterproof and insoluble in water which is why it has been used since the beginning of human civilization to protect the roofs and boats from water.
The bitumen is a thermoplastic material, which means that it is liquid at high temperature (>150°C) and solid at ambient temperature. It is an interesting property to process and can be used for industrial purposes, as well as on roads or roofs. Bitumen is also a viscoelastic material, which means that it has the capacity to absorb sound by transforming vibration into heat.

That’s why bitumen is also used as a heavy mass around car engines and in washing machines… as a sound proof material.


Different applications of bitumen roofing


  • For low pitched roofs, flat roofs and foundations, Onduline offers bitumen membranes – called BITULINE

BITULINE membranes can be installed on pitched – even low pitched roofs and on flat roofs to create green roofs for example 
The installation is made by a professional: the membranes are torch on together by fusion welding. Once applied, this welding ensures that your roof is protected from leaking for many years.
Depending on your needs and your project, we have a range of high-performance membranes for the roofing with coloured finishes, specific membranes for green roofs or for tropical areas.  

  • For pitched roofs Roofing shingles & corrugated sheets: 

You can use bitumen roof shingles. You have of course different sizes of shingles, depending on the type and the size of your project.
Used in roof shingles, bitumen is: extremely resistant to high temperatures or cold temperatures, lightweight, easy to carry and to install. It is also available in different colors
You can use it on any type of surface with a 15° to 85° pitch. You can use it for your own house, your garden shed, or bigger buildings projects.
You can find our bitumen roofing shingles under the name of BARDOLINE.


Different applications of bitumen roofing


As an experienced supplier of bitumen roof sheets, Onduline provides complete bitumen-based roofing solutions to suit any type of project.
Onduline is the inventor of the bitumen corrugated roofing sheet technology and has produced and marketed this roofing solution for almost 80 years.  

Bitumen sheets and associated roofing accessories are extremely lightweight (only 3 kg/sqm), making them fast and easy to install.

  • Onduline is guaranteed for its waterproofing performance. Onduline roofs are proven to withstand strong winds (up to 260 km/h).
  • In warm weather, the material helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building, while cellulose fibers coupled with bitumen aid noise reduction, especially during heavy rain.
  • Onduline corrugated bitumen sheets and associated accessories are also eco-friendly – composed of ~50% recycled content 

Choosing a membrane application or a classic roof shingles installation is up to you and the need of your project. 
At Onduline, we want to make sure our bitumen roof sheets are efficient and durable. That is why Onduline offers a guarantee on the waterproofing provided by its bitumen-based roof shingles.
After choosing the right application for your bitumen roofing sheets, you can then adjust your choice with the different finishes available.
Onduline membranes, roof shingle or bitumen sheets & tiles can be colored. Thanks to that, with Onduline bitumen roofing sheets, you are able to use the right material in terms of properties and in terms of… appearance!

Please contact your local team to know more and find the perfect bitumen roofing product for your project!



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