Opaque roofs


Opaque roofs are the most common roof and represent most of roof installations. If you are not searching for an extra amount of light inside your building, it is unnecessary to opt for a transparent roofing
Opaque roofs can be installed on a new building or to renovate an existing building. Our opaque roofs are suitable for any type of building: residential, office, public-access buildings, industrial, agricultural, transportation, leisure...
Onduline’s range is composed of 2 main opaque roofing systems: 

  • ONDULINE Roofing Sheets and Tiles, a composite material made of recycled cellulose fibers and bitumen, that are used for pitched roofs
  • BITULINE bitumen membranes, used to waterproof roofs, terraces, foundations… and that can be installed on flat and low-pitched roofs. 

Light and resistant opaque roofing solutions


Onduline provides opaque roofing materials that are light and flexible. It means the opaque roofing solutions can be installed even on building structure which are not in good conditions or that are light. It's usually not that simple: with other materials, if the building structure is light, you would need to install pillars or reinforce foundations. You don't need to do all this with Onduline products as they only weight about 3 kg/m². 

Despite its lightness, Onduline opaque roofing materials are extremely resistant and can face strong winds up to 260 km/h. Therefore, they are ideal for installations next to the sea, even in areas where typhoons are common for example. 
Our roofing sheets and tiles are also 4 times quieter than metal roof, which is very useful when it rains. Life can go on at home, at school or in office – where rain noise does not disturb daily activities. On the other hand, it is also important when the building welcomes animals that can be stressed by rain noise.

Onduline opaque roofs can be installed on flat roofs (BITULINE bitumen membranes) or roof with a slope (like ONDULINE Roofing Sheets & Tiles). The slope degree will depend on the architectural style and the location: if the area gets a lot of rain, the slope will be high to help get the water out.


Fast and easy to install opaque roofing solutions


Our roofing sheets are wide and cover about 2m² each, a large surface to make the installation really fast and easy, allowing workers to stay as less as possible on the site. Their lightweight makes the transportation and hand ability on site very easy and with less efforts than others roofing material. The roofers don’t need to carry heavy loads and are less tired at the end of the day. Note the surface is rough and therefore our opaque roofs are less slippery – safety is a key value at Onduline! 

Our opaque roofing are resistant to corrosion, and resist to acids and salts – it’s an ideal solution for the coastal areas. 

We have different types of products:

  • ONDUVILLA: bitumen tiles, with a large choice of colors and shaded effect to enhance the aesthetics of the roof 
  • ONDULINE TILES: large dimensions (about 2 m²), with a 3D reflect to have some relief on the roof and a more modern roof appearance 
  • BARDOLINE: bitumen shingles, with a wide range of colors and shape to better match the design of the building 
  • BITULINE Bitumen membranes: high-quality waterproofing solutions, that are ideal for flat roofs and low-pitched roofs or green roofs.

We offer different colors and materials to answer any type of needs, depending on the client's preference and the location' conditions.

Have an overview of our main products. Any question, please contact your local team, they will be glad to help you.

Onduvilla roof protecting a villa


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