Our solutions for resorts

The holiday season is coming and you need to install a new roof or fix an old one? Discover our line of products suited to hotels and restaurants, whether for a grand hotel or a beachfront café. 

To guarantee your clients a pleasant stay, you may need high quality materials that naturally blend into their new surrounding. 

For buildings in coastal areas for instance, we recommend non-corrosive materials to avoid any rusting issue. For buildings in rainy regions instead, we recommend watertight systems and acoustic comfort. So wherever your business is located, our roofing experts will always come with the most appropriate solution. 

If you have any question or simply need an advice, please contact your local team.


Asphalt shingles for all application types

Entrepôt en Onduclair Protect


Transparent and opaque solutions in polyester and polycarbonate for roofing and cladding

Ondutiss air


Underlayers and foils

bituline turky


High-quality waterproofing membrane for flat roofs, low slope roofs and foundations


The original lightweight roofing systems


High-performing underlayer systems for clay tiles roofs



Unique roofing solution with a very aesthetic traditional clay tile look.

Get inspired

Have a look at our references from all over the world. Our local teams can show you more pictures and videos if you want. Just contact them!