Building waterproofing: a recurring issue


The main problem of most buildings is waterproofing. Extremely important, a roof waterproofing protects from all type of meteorologic conditions. Not only for the roof, but waterproofing is also essential in a building construction, from the roof to the foundations. And in this case, it is very difficult to change the waterproofing system afterwards.


A weak waterproofing performance can damage the building and it is often very expensive to install a new one. The best tips are to select from the very beginning a high-quality building waterproofing solution.


Guaranteed waterproofing with Onduline products


Onduline provides products for 2 types of waterproofing:

  1. BITULINE membrane, composed of modified bitumen to waterproof roofs & foundations 
  2. FONDALINE membrane, for the drainage and the protection of foundations and basement 



Composed of high-quality modified bitumen, BITULINE protects the foundations or the surface where it is applied. BITULINE properties makes it waterproof: once it is applied, the surface is protected from any type of leaks.

Onduline waterproofing solutions are suitable for any type of building: residential, public-access buildings, commercials & resorts...  They can be installed on flat roofs and low-pitched roofs and on underground surfaces like foundations, basements, pools, civil works…

BITULINE torch-on membranes are bonded onto the desired surface and combined together by fusion welding. The waterproofing is made permanent thanks to this welding technique. 

BITULINE is available in different quality-types and finishing, depending on the needs, for extreme climatic conditions or for cold climates, for green roofs. A colored finishing is also proposed for the visible roofs.
BITULINE is getting continuously improved with installers and roofers, so you are sure to use the best and up-to-date material for your project. These membranes can be installed in any situation, whatever the weather conditions. 



The underground parts of the buildings and especially the foundations must be insulated against moisture and ground water. Otherwise, the moisture penetrating into the concrete causes corrosion of the reinforced concrete over time. The rusted iron loses its bearing function, compromising the static and the safety of the building. To protect these foundations, FONDALINE is a high-density polyethylene membrane with some excrescences that creates a little space between walls and the foundations.


It is designed for the drainage and the protection of foundations and basements of all types of buildings like individual and collective housing, industrial buildings, public-access buildings…
FONDALINE’s installation is fast and easy. The rolls are simply installed and nailed on the walls. FONDALINE offers a long-lasting protection as it has a high resistance to the compression. 

The numerous excrescences are designed to create an air gap between the masonry and the membrane to ensure a proper ventilation and dry the masonry. Of course, this gap also provides an excellent drainage of ground water. This membrane also distributes the lateral loads from the floor more evenly and protects the waterproofing.

Please contact your local team to know more and find the perfect building waterproofing solution for your project!

bituline turky


High-quality waterproofing membrane for flat roofs, low slope roofs and foundations



PE membrane to drain and protect underground walls, foundations...

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