A people-focused and entrepreneurial venture forged around the world

In nearly 80 years, Onduline has grown from a French family-run business to a world leader in lightweight roofing, operating in over 100 countries. We owe this exceptional entrepreneurial venture above all to our employees and their initiative and ability to cooperate and innovate to meet our customers' expectations, all over the world.

We welcome new talent every day to support our growth and international development. Being aware of the specific characteristics of the different markets in which we operate, we prefer to recruit locally as this guarantees a better understanding of requirements.

We are interested in your positive energy, your commitment and your appetite for challenge. Join us!

Onduline is a decidedly multicultural company - photo of the Portugal team

All the right reasons for joining us

Both French and international, Onduline is a decidedly multicultural company.

In Europe, Asia and America, it is committed to building a plural society, with a rich alliance of 1,200 employees of 28 different nationalities. To those who think it is possible to combine entrepreneurial spirit and global reach, economic success and environmental commitments, as well as collective power and autonomy... Onduline has a lot to offer.


  • An international success "Made in France"
    Created in France in 1944, today Onduline is the world leader in lightweight roofing based on recycled cellulose fibres impregnated in bitumen. We are proud to export our know-how to over one hundred countries.
  • A decentralised organisational structure
    We operate in 29 subsidiaries worldwide. We recruit our employees locally: their culture, understanding of the market and proximity to our customers make them key assets for us.
  • A shared team spirit
    To address often complex problems, our teams combine their expertise to design tailor-made solutions. Team player: at Onduline, a mindset that crosses borders!
  • A company built on strong values
    Reliability, commitment, care and openness: much more than just words, our values unite our teams across borders and underpin each of the company's actions on a daily basis.
  • A wide variety of projects
    Sustainable construction, waterproofing and insulation of buildings, roof rehabilitation for greater resistance to extreme weather… we work on a wide range of issues, with a positive impact for decades to come. 
  • International collaboration
    With teams located all around the globe, as close as possible to our customers, we collaborate daily to make our international projects a success.
  • An authentic environmental approach
    More responsible production by using about 50% recycled content for our Onduline sheets, solutions that prioritise lightweight and asbestos-free materials and involvement in the Kingspan Planet Passionate programme to reduce the carbon footprint in all of our activities.
  • The opportunities offered by a global group
    Onduline has been a Kingspan Group company since 2022. A strategic merger with a global player in the construction industry that opens up new career development opportunities for our employees.



"Backed by an international group, Onduline remains a human-scale company, with a decidedly decentralised organisational structure. Within each of our subsidiaries, all over the world, each employee is a key player in our success. Accountability is encouraged and everyone can make a real impact.

With its entrepreneurial mindset, multicultural, action-oriented and positive teams and committed environmental approach, Onduline has plenty of advantages to attract talented people looking for new challenges!"   


Tristan Boulic-Palewski, Human Resources Director