Safety policy statement

Onduline's purpose is to provide waterproofing solutions to protect buildings from weather, so as to protect people and their belongings.
Protection is at the core of our existence. Caring about people is one of our core values. We protect our customers; we must protect our employees and visitors. Their lives matter more than any other priority.
This Safety Policy applies to all stakeholders of Onduline: employees (permanent and temporary), suppliers, customers, visitors to our facilities.

What is our objective?

We truly believe that every accident can be avoided, therefore we can only have one objective: zero accident.

How do we want to reach this objective?

Accidents primarily happen because of behavior and organization issues. Our priority is to work on developing safe individual behavior and organization considering safety as top priority.
To have long lasting effect, it requires that ail employees are involved in this process, and that each of us considers we must and can do things in a safer way.

What do we expect from each of us?

• We want everyone to put safety at the core of their decisions and behavior. When we say "Safety First", we mean it and act accordingly.
• Everyone is responsible for safety: his own safety, his colleagues', customers', visitors'.

  • The basics are set and monitored:

  1. A safety committee is in place, headed by the most senior managers. This committee meets regularly to evaluate safety results and take appropriate actions, and to ensure that we comply with local laws and regulations.
  2. All work environments are clean and orderly: this is a prerequisite for a safer workplace.
  3. Systematic and regular analysis of risks are conducted. They include feedback from employees and learnings from behavioral safety visits.
  4. The best operating standards are defined and upgraded on a regular basis.
  • ln all operating units we expect that:

  1. Senior management leads by showing and promoting an exemplary safety attitude.
  2. All employees are trained on safety and on their work environment's safety conditions, during their onboarding and on a continuous basis.
  3. All employees and visitors are aware and respect Safety rules, laws, regulations.
  4. Behavioral safety visits are conducted to encourage dialogue around daily work practices and how to make them safer.
  5. All accidents and near-miss accidents are reported and analyzed, so that we learn from them and prevent them from happening again.

Safety attitude is not restricted to factories. At home, on the road (for professional and private trips), at the office, in the warehouses, we act with safety in mind.
Ensuring that our employees and visitors can go back home unharmed after a day of work is our individual and collective commitment as a leadership team for Onduline.
Achieving zero accidents requires conviction, methods, and total commitment from ail of us. We must and will succeed in this mission.

Grégoire MOREL, Christophe ROHART, Tristan BOULIC-PALEWSKI, Florian TALVARD, Eric VINCENT, Nay TAWILE, Olivier GUILLUY, Kerem KÜRKLÜ, Antonio ZERTUCHE

November 2023