Our solutions for auxiliaries

Do you need to build or renovate the roof of your carport, garden-shed, canopy or gazebo? Discover our products, specially designed for auxiliaries. 

The whole line has a watertight system and can be easily installed without professional assistance if you wish (although you can call our roofing experts if you need any help). Note also that it needs almost no maintenance over time thanks to its outstanding weather resistance. 

If you have any question or simply need advice, please contact your local team.



Unique roofing solution with a very aesthetic traditional clay tile look.


Asphalt shingles for all application types

EntrepĂ´t en Onduclair Protect


Transparent and opaque solutions in polyester and polycarbonate for roofing and cladding



The original lightweight roofing systems

Get inspired

Have a look at our references from all over the world. Our local teams can show you more pictures and videos if you want. Just contact them!