ONDUCLAIR is our Rooflight range to design transparent or translucent roofing and cladding. We offer a large range of various profiles for polycarbonate or polyester panels but also PVC panels.

ONDUCLAIR transparent roofing solutions can be used for different building types, like verandas, greenhouses, pergolas, but also offices, schools, gyms... 

ONDUCLAIR roof light panels offer excellent light diffusion to maximise the use of natural light. It usually brings energy savings thanks to the reduced need for artificial lighting. 

ONDUCLAIR is designed to be efficient and durable. For example, ONDUCLAIR Polycarbonate solutions are resistant to impacts and extreme temperatures and have anti-UV and insulation performance. 

ONDUCLAIR roof lights solutions are available in different finishes. Please contact our local team to know more!  

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Transparent and opaque solutions in polyester and polycarbonate for roofing and cladding

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