We have always been committed to sustainability. Our roofing experts not only offer innovative solutions to protect people from any weather but also return the favour to the environment with sustainable products and processes.

 Protection above all

Eco-responsible production

We pay close attention to our manufacturing process, designed to be low in energy consumption and generate no dangerous waste. By using high-tech recycling processes, we recycle about 80,000 tons of material each year. All these initiatives enabled us to reach a positive carbon footprint of 4066 g CO2/m2, significantly lower than any other roofing solution provider according to Pure Project, a French company specialized in environmental issues, especially in the fight against deforestation. 


Sustainable solutions

We have always provided asbestos free and lightweight solutions, easy to be carried and installed, meaning less energy, lighter structures… Not to mention acoustical and thermal comfort for end-users.


Our proofs are assessed by reliable third-parties

Onduline’s achievements are confirmed by facts and recognized by reliable third-party organizations

  • Onduline’s carbon footprint - 4066 g CO2/m2
    Pur ProjetMarch 2011
    Our products are least emissive products, comparing to other roofing solutions.


  • Recycled content (VAR 1016
    ICC-ESJune 2011

Var 1016

  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
    IBU (Institut Bau und Umwelt) / PE International, September 2016

    We are the first company who applied for an EPD for our bitumen corrugated product family. We thus created a Product Category Rule for Roofing and Wall Cladding (PCR) that was accepted in July 2012 by German Institute IBU. This PCR will be the basis for all future EPD’s for all suppliers.

    EPD provides quantified and required data to monitor life circle assessment (LCA) impact.


Recycled content and EPD provide elements for LEED certifications or green standards for sustainable green building operations.