Gregoire Morel head of Onduline Group

Since the 12th of June, Grégoire Morel has been appointed Onduline's new Managing Director. Thanks to his solid experience in the international roofing business, he will strengthen Onduline's development and positioning in its markets, in particular by accelerating synergies within the Roofing + Water Division.

Grégoire MOREL, Managing Director

Grégoire Morel began his professional career in Hong Kong in 2001 as Regional Sales Manager, then joined the BMI Group BMI Group in 2005. He was successively appointed Sales Director of then Managing Director of Monier Roofing Indonesia in 2010.


The following year, Grégoire Morel took over the management of the Waterproofing Membranes segment in Germany.


In 2013, he became Managing Director Europe for Knauf Insulation, Technical Solutions, first in Prague and then in Pittsburg. Pittsburg Corning (Foamglas) in Belgium.


In 2019, Grégoire Morel was appointed Chairman and CEO of Derbigum, a company specialized in waterproofing materials for roofs. He actively contributed to the acquisition of Derbigum by Kingspan in 2022 and its integration into Kingspan's Roofing + Waterproofing Division.


Grégoire Morel explains: "I'm delighted to be joining Onduline. I'm sure that the expertise and commitment of the teams will enable us to strengthen our positions and expand into new markets. Our focus will be on innovation, thanks in particular to the support and synergies with the other Kingspan entities. My wish is to make a strong contribution to Kingspan's Planet Passionate programme, through initiatives aimed at reducing CO2, energy and water emissions, promoting the circular economy and better waste management".