Onduline, international roofing and waterproofing expert


Our commitments

Originally created in France, Onduline has been designing innovative roofing and waterproofing solutions for 80 years. Internationally renowned expertise that enables us to lead the market of lightweight roofing systems.


We are constantly improving the quality of our lines of products to offer even-more effective solutions to our customers. 


Our roofing systems meet the building and construction regulations of all the countries we set up in. 


The carbon footprint equals 5,49 CO2/m² for our Onduline roofing sheets, and 4,46 kg/CO2/m² for ISOLINE underroofing sheets. Our bitumen sheets contain at least 50% recycled content. 


Contact your local team

Our local teams are roofing and waterproofing experts. They know all the local specificities (best roofing and waterproofing solution, regulations, installation, maintenance...) and will be glad to advice you.